Welcome to the Bertozzi Group

The Bertozzi Group studies cell surface interactions that contribute to human health and disease with specific projects in the areas of cancer, inflammation and bacterial infection. We use the techniques of organic synthesis, genetics, and biochemistry as tools to study and manipulate complex cellular processes. Much of our research involves cell surface oligosaccharides, biopolymers that contribute to cell surface recognition and cell-cell communication.

Stanford University

Stanford University
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5.24.2018 - Congratulations to our newly minted Ph.D.'s - Ian, Fred, and Sam!

3.13.2018 - The lab says goodbye to Dr. Matt Zhou. Best of luck at Bolt Therapeutics!

3.1.2018 - The lab welcomes our new graduate students Judy Shon, Green Ahn, and Wilson Sinclair.

2.28.2018 - Congrats Mireille, Peyton, and Frances for their article in Science Translational Medicine. Check out the coverage in Stanford News!

12.1.2017 - Congratulations to our 2017 Ph.D.'s - David & Mason!

10.25.2017 - Check out Fred, Ulla, Yi-Chang and Ryan's paper Inhibition of NGLY1 inactivates the transcription factor Nrf1 and potentiates proteasome inhibitor cytotoxicity in ACS Central.

9.17.2017 - The lab says goodbye to Dr. Yi-Chang Liu and Dr. Junwon Choi. We look forward to seeing exciting research from both of you.

9.3.2017 - The lab welcomes postdoctoral researcher Dr. Jessie Peh and bioengineering graduate student Michael Hollander.

8.24.2017 - Congratulations to Carolyn for winning the 2017 Arthur C. Cope Award!

7.15.2017 - The lab welcomes our new graduate students Caitlyn Miller & Shivam Verma.

6.29.2017 - Check out David and Sean's paper Bioorthogonal labeling of human prostate cancer tissue slice cultures for glycoproteomics in Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed.

6.5.2017 - The lab says goodbye to Prof. Han Xiao who begins his independent research at Rice University.

5.25.2017 - Check out Lissette, Ian and Neil's paper Chemical modulation of protein O-GlcNAcylation via OGT inhibition promotes human neural cell differentiation in ACS Chemical Biology.

5.4.2017 - The lab welcomes our new graduate student Giovanni Forcina.

3.1.2017 - The lab says goodbye to Dr. Nathan Yee, best of luck at Shasqi.

1.30.2017 - The lab says goodbye to Prof. Jessica Krammer who begins her independent research at University of Utah.

1.24.2017 - Check out Frances' paper Visualization of mycobacterial membrane dynamics in live cells. in J. Am. Chem. Soc.